Mike Sorrentino Angrily Shuts Down Accusation of Him Cheating on Wife Lauren Multiple Times

The 'Jersey Shore' star, famously known as The Situation, claps back at a troll who appears to be confused about the timeline of his relationship with Lauren Pesce.

AceShowbiz - Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino is taking no nonsense talk about his marriage. The reality TV star has fired back at a troll who accused him of cheating on his now-wife Lauren Pesce multiple times during his "Jersey Shore" days.

It all started after he posted a throwback photo of him with Lauren during their college days. In the picture, Lauren sat on Mike's lap while holding cards as they both smiled.

The 38-year-old gave a sweet shout-out to his wife, writing in the caption, "Beside every strong Man is an even Stronger Woman #collegesweethearts." Sharing more details of when the photo was taken, Lauren chimed in the comment section, "This was a 2004 Christmas/New Years trip with my family playing cards."

A user, who apparently wasn't following Mike's romantic journey with Lauren, asked, "Let me ask you a question when you did the show Jersey shore Mike were you still dating Lauren's." To this question, the TV personality explained, "No we were broken up when the first jersey shore started and eventually reconnected after the first jersey shore ended."

But another user was still confused about the timeline of the couple's relationship and attacked Mike with infidelity claim. "And you continued to cheat on her those subsequent seasons? Boooooo!" the said person wrote.

This was when Mike angrily snapped back at the troll. Calling him/her "idiot," he fiercely wrote back, "If you read the above caption it says we broke up season 1 of jersey shore and reconnected when it ended after season 6. So when Jersey shore family vacation started we were back together. SMFH."

But that didn't stop other haters from judging Mike. "Amazing how she stayed with you after watching you treat women like such trash," someone commented, to which Mike replied, "He without sin cast the first stone. People change, people grow! Become better not bitter!"

Mike and Lauren first dated in 2004 until 2007. They reconciled years later and tied the knot on November 1, 2018. Their honeymoon phase was cut short in January 2019, when he began an eight-month prison sentence after pleading guilty to one count of tax evasion. He was released from prison in September of the same year.

Lauren immediately got pregnant, but she suffered a miscarriage about six-seven weeks into the pregnancy. "It was heart-wrenching," said Lauren, who "conceived" on the night Mike was released from prison. "It was hard. It was really difficult," she shared at the time.

In a July interview with In Touch, Lauren said that they're "definitely still trying" to get pregnant. "A lot of people always speculate but we're an open book," the 35-year-old said of all the baby questions. "There's nothing that we haven't shared with the world." She went on assuring, "When that time comes, we’ll definitely be excited to share the news!"

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