Andy Dick Wants Assault Case Reopened After It's Dropped Due to His Lack of Cooperation

The 'Employee of the Month' star has agreed to testify in the 2019 assault case after authorities previously dropped their investigation due to his lack of contact.

AceShowbiz - Embattled comedian Andy Dick is requesting Louisiana prosecutors reopen an investigation into his alleged assault outside a New Orleans nightclub last year (19) after changing his mind about co-operating.

The "Employee of the Month" star claims he was knocked unconscious in an unprovoked attack by David Hale last August after finishing a stand-up set at a club in the French Quarter.

At the time, Hale insisted it was Dick who instigated the altercation after reportedly grabbing the 47 year old's genitals - an accusation the actor denies.

The incident was caught on surveillance cameras, but authorities decided to drop their investigation against Hale on Tuesday (28Jul20) after Dick, who is based in Los Angeles, failed to keep in touch with prosecutors.

Now the 54 year old, who has struggled with addiction issues in recent years, is urging officials to continue pursuing the case, blaming his personal struggles for his lack of contact.

On Wednesday, Dick told The Times-Picayune/The New Orleans Advocate he is willing to return to the city to testify against Hale, if necessary, even though he is afraid of the suspect.

"But I want him held accountable," he said.

Dick maintains he did nothing to provoke Hale, who he believed to be a fan after approaching the comedian and asking for a photo. According to the funnyman, Hale then lifted up his shirt and requested he put his hand on the man's bare stomach for the snap, with Dick reluctantly obliging.

Despite the prospect of further investigation, Hale's attorneys are confident their client will be exonerated.

"If anything further comes from this matter, we don't expect any different outcome, and we remain committed to our client's vindication," defence attorney Michael Kennedy told the publication.

Dick has a long history of inappropriate behaviour, having previously been arrested for indecent exposure and sexual battery.

He most recently spent one night behind bars in December (19) after failing to complete the community service sentence he received as part of a plea deal related to a 2018 groping incident with a Los Angeles woman.

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