Michael Cimino Turns to Gay Cousin for His Lead Role in 'Love, Victor'

The 'Love, Victor' actor consults his openly-gay cousin to seek advice on how to play a teen struggling with his sexual orientations in the 'Love, Simon'-inspired series.

AceShowbiz - Michael Cimino approached his openly gay cousin for acting advice in preparation for his title role in "Love, Victor".

The 20-year-old actor appears as teenager Victor in the series, which explores his journey of self-discovery as he faces challenges at home, adjusts to a new city and a new high school, and struggles with his sexual orientation. Speaking to People, the star revealed he consulted with his cousin before he started filming the Hulu series, explaining, "He told me things that really hurt him and helped him (when he was coming out). It was very special for both of us."

Michael added, "I wanted Victor to feel like a real human being. I feel like the most important thing about this whole story is that someone could relate to Victor and relate to his story, no matter what your sexual orientation is, no matter what ethnicity you are. I feel like adding elements of myself and of my cousin, did that."

"Love, Victor" is available on Hulu now.

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