Looking to devise a way for his crew to be able to return to work, the filmmaker behind the 'Madea' movie series promises there will be additional compensation for those taking risks.

AceShowbiz - Tyler Perry is working on an extensive plan to safely reopen his Atlanta, Georgia production compound amid the coronavirus pandemic.

While the health crisis has shut down productions throughout the world, Perry is looking to devise a way in which those who test negative for the disease will be able to return to work. In a plan shared with Deadline, the writer, actor and director also offered up a way for those working on the shows to live in isolated housing for their safety while shooting is carried out.

He also revealed there would be extra compensation for those taking the risk to work on the shows.

"There would be additional compensation for the crew while they are there, similar to being a non-local hire," he said of the cast and crew. "It will be the equivalent to if you are on location in Siberia shooting, and you have nowhere to go, you have to build your own campground to make that happen, base camp."

Despite his optimism, Perry knows there is a lot of work to be done before any shooting can resume, adding that his crew's comfort level is paramount.

"Every person would have to agree to this, department heads and the unions would have to agree," he said. "My crew, who have been working with me 15 years now, they are excited about it; they are excited about this idea of possibility of us doing this thing, like we are doing a summer camp for 2 1/2 weeks while we are working."

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