Carmelo Anthony's Alleged Baby Mama Shades Him When Asked If He's Going to Go Public With Love Child

Mia Angel a.k.a. Mia Burks gushes about Drake's son Adonis while responding to a fan's question about whether the NBA star would follow in the footsteps of the Canadian rapper.

AceShowbiz - Mia Angel a.k.a. Mia Burks has once again taken aim at Carmelo Anthony for not acknowledging their child. The basketball star's former mistress threw a subtle shade at her ex while responding to a fan's question if he's going to go public with their love child during a Q&A on Instagram.

The fan inquired, "Now since Drake went public you think Melo next?" referring to the Canadian star who has just revealed his son Adonis' face for the first time after he confirmed he's a father in 2018. Mia, however, appeared to be skeptical that Carmelo would follow in Drake's footsteps as she responded with multiple face with tears of joy emojis.

On a side note, Mia praised Drake's 2-year-old boy. "drake's son is sooooo adorable!" she gushed.

During the Q&A, Mia also a answered question about co-parenting advice, to which she simply answered, "patience." When asked how she's dealing with a lot of negative comments about her, she shared a lengthy message.

Seemingly suggesting that she's learned to ignore them, Mia wrote, "Mfs still talking about lil ol' me? damn, hate to see it." She got serious as she continued, "Let me be as transparent as I can- I have called myself everything that I have been called by people on the internet at one point. But I went through a process where I had to reflect on my choices, dig deep, and hold myself accountable for the energy I put out & received."

"God will get you through anything. Knowledge of self will get you through anything," she went on sharing. "You can't ignore the wrongs in your life- you have to right them. So many people who walk this have a testimony."

This isn't the first time Mia dissed Carmelo for not acknowledging their daughter Genesis. Back in 2019, she shared a photo of her enjoying lunch together with her little girl. When a fan suggested that Carmelo should make a public appearance with their "beautiful" daughter, she replied, "Lol, doubt it."

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