Summer Walker Choked by BF London on Da Track in New Video

The 'Girls Need Love' singer can be seen screaming in pain and telling her producer boyfriend that 'it's hurt,' but the latter refuses to let go of his hand that is wrapped around her neck.

AceShowbiz - Summer Walker has made people worried about her well-being after a video of her and her boyfriend London on Da Track surfaced online on Saturday, March 21. In the said video, the R&B singer was choked by her longtime collaborator.

London was seen wrapping his hand around her neck while smiling at the camera. On the other hand, Summer kept complaining that she felt hurt because of his action. "It hurts. It hurts. It's supposed to be sexy, but it hurts," she told him, as laughter could be heard in the background.

However, London insisted that it was sexy before pushing her, though his hand was still wrapped around her neck. This caused her to scream in pain, begging London to put his hand away. The video ended with the "Girls Need Love" singer kissing him on the lips.

Though it appears that the lovebirds were merely being playful, those who watched the video couldn't help but be concerned over Summer. "They need to be six feet apart," someone commented, while another person claimed that they were going to call the police because of the video.

"When you say that it hurts and he doesn't let you go......its a sign," one more person warned Summer. On the other hand, an individual weighed in, "This not safe he know she can't breathe thru her nose no more." There was also one who wrote, "IDK what’s happening but With the sound off this looks like Domestic Violence."

Neither Summer nor London has responded to people's concern.

The couple started dating after working together on her record-breaking debut album "Over It". The two briefly broke up in October, before going back together after he surprised her at one of her concerts.

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