Kourtney Kardashian Admits She Goes to Therapy 'Once a Week' for 'the Past Three Years'
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In a new interview, the Poosh founder talks about how she deals with anxiety and teaches her children about 'respect and boundaries' as well as the importance of God in their lives.

AceShowbiz - Kourtney Kardashian is sharing secret to keeping her mental health in check. Having been open about her struggle with anxiety, the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star disclosed in a new interview how many times a week she went to therapy for the past few years.

"For the past three years I've been going to therapy. Once a week I go to a double session," the 40-year-old spilled in the latest issue of Health magazine. " I look forward to it every week! Having that awareness, I find that I can almost catch things before they become a bigger deal. When those harder moments do happen, I think, 'What's the lesson that I'm supposed to be learning?' "

The Poosh founder went on to detail other things she did to support her therapy sessions. "My workouts are key, too," she noted. "And I go to church once a week, if I can. I go with friends, and we go to dinner afterward. I'm such a homebody; it's important for me to force myself to do something social!"

Additionally, the older sister of Kim Kardashian claimed she tried "to set boundaries" when using social media. Pointing out that she felt so "much better" when she is away from social media, she added, "I put my phone in the bathroom at nighttime. My kids don't have phones, but I make sure that all the devices in the house - iPads and computers - have the Night Shift [it reduces blue light] on 24 hours a day. And we definitely have time limits [on devices]."

Elsewhere in the interview, Kourtney also opened up about how she taught her children "respect and boundaries," but are still "being honest and giving [them] choices." She explained, "I want them to feel like they can always talk to me. I try not to make them feel bad if they tell me something honest. Teaching them about God is also important to me. Every morning on the way to school we listen to a positive playlist. Lately it's been Kanye [West]'s Sunday Service album."

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