Daniel Craig Gets Candid About Why He Came Close to Quitting Bond After Filming 'Spectre'
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Set to return as the 007 agent for one final time in 'No Time to Die', the 'Knives Out' actor opens up in a new interview why it took five years for him to go through the whole thing again.

AceShowbiz - Daniel Craig nearly quit as James Bond after making "Spectre" due to the toll the role takes on his physical and mental health.

The "Knives Out" star had to finish filming the last instalment in the espionage franchise in a knee brace due to an on set injury in 2015, and after finishing filming said he'd rather "slash my wrists" than make another 007 movie.

He is, however, set to return as Bond one final time in "No Time to Die" - but tells GQ magazine he meant it when he hinted he'd quit - as making the films took so much out of him.

"I was never going to do one again," the 52-year-old star explains. "I was like, 'Is this work really genuinely worth this, to go through this, this whole thing?' And I didn't feel... I felt physically really low."

"So the prospect of doing another movie was just, like, off the cards. And that's why it has been five years."

Revealing that preparing for the role harmed his mental health, Daniel explains, "With Bond, you don't get the script, so the physicality of it is a preparation, in a way. It's making my head go, 'This is what it's going to be.' "

The actor adds, "I have suffered from it (anxiety) in the past. I have suffered because it's been like, 'I can't cope, I can't deal with this.' "

"No Time to Die", which is directed by Cary Joji Fukunaga, was scheduled for release next month (April 2020). but its debut has been pushed back until November due to the coronavirus which has spread across the globe, forcing the cancellation of numerous concerts, conferences and sporting events.

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