'Black Ink Crew' Star Sky's Son Breaks Down After She Tells Him 'Nobody Wants You' During Fight

After accusing Des of stealing from her, the TV personality gets so angry she tells him when he walks away, 'Your daddy don't want you, I don't want you, nobody wants you!'

AceShowbiz - Sky Days seemed to be getting along really well with her younger son Des after their reunion, but that all changed after the mother-son duo got into a heated argument in a recent episode of "Black Ink Crew". This resulted in Des having a change of heart and expressing how much he regretted getting close to the TV star.

It all started after Sky accused his son of stealing from her as saying that there were items and money missing from her home. However, Des denied ever taking anything. Sky apparently didn't believe it and things got so intense Sky declared, "I wanna beat this little boy's a**!" To make things worse, she told him as he walked away, "Your daddy don't want you, I don't want you, nobody wants you!"

Her comment was clearly hurting Des so bad that he broke down in tears later on, saying that he never asked to be born and meant to hurt Sky. He also didn't understand why she hurt him like that. In the end, Des and Sky decided to part ways once again.

Fans have since showed support to Des after watching the episode and went on to attack Sky. "That's not something you tell your child especially after you already abandoned them. It just opens those wounds all over again," one wrote. "What kind of mother talks to the child they gave birth to like that???!! I don't care how frustrated you get!!! Words have power!" another said.

Despite the backlash, Sky appeared to be unbothered. In response to a user who said, "I WOULD NEVER HAVE RESPECT FOR HER! I USE TO LOVE SKYY BUT THIS WAS JUST BEYOND DISGUSTING! UCNT JUSITFY IGNORANCE. PERIOD!!!! GOD WILL HANDLE U! TRUST AND BELIEVE!!!" she simply left a red heart emoji.

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