Wendy Williams Blasts 'Jealous' Trolls for Criticizing Malika Haqq's Post-Pregnancy Makeover Plan

The talk show host comes in defense of the pregnant BFF of Khloe Kardashian after she reveals that she has met a plastic surgeon to plan her makeover after giving birth to her first child.

AceShowbiz - Wendy Williams is taking Malika Haqq's side on her battle with trolls who criticized her post-pregnancy plan. One day after the pregnant BFF of Khloe Kardashian found herself shamed for sharing her makeover arrangement, the host of "The Wendy Williams Show" called out haters and mom-shamers, labeling them being "jealous."

The 55-year-old media personality brought up the topic during the Wednesday, February 26 episode of her talk show. "[Haqq]'s being mommy shamed because she's planning her mommy makeover before she gives birth. And Instagram people are calling her spoiled and shallow," she shared with her audience. "Gee, jealous much?"

"Let me tell you something," the ex-wife of Kevin Hunter continued. "She can go to the gym, and she can go hiking and all that stuff. You know, if you have the money and you have the bravery, and you're not going into debt. Your kids are still getting taken care of and there's a roof over your head, why wouldn't she?"

Williams later admitted that she has gone through similar makeover herself. "Look, I had two five-month miscarriages," she began retelling her experience. "By the time I got to the sixth month with young Kev, and I knew I was in the clear - I weighed 297 pounds the week before I gave birth."

"And honey, at my sixth month at birth, I had the surgeon on the phone at bed rest," the mother of one continued detailing. "I'm like, 'I want this, that.' Yes! Nobody has time to gym down after this catastrophe… I had all my stuff, I had the full makeover line."

Haqq revealed her post-pregnancy makeover plan on Tuesday, February 25. "Stopped by just to see my fav @drjasondiamond and I'm fully book for my post pregnancy makeover," she wrote in the caption of a photo that saw her posing with A-list plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Diamond. "I can't wait!"

Instead of approval, Haqq was quickly flooded with critiques. "Dang have the baby first. Why do females think they need to look amazing right after giving birth? Beyond me. Vanity, I guess" and "This is why moms hate their body's. rich people having unrealistic bodies and faces" were some of the comments she received.

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