Damon Dash Calls His Children 'Stupid Clowns', Deems His Son 'Little Girl'

The hip-hop pioneer and his two children, Boogie and Ava, are trying to mend their relationship by attending a therapy session to no avail as they hurl insults to each other.

AceShowbiz - It's safe to say that Damon Dash doesn't have the best relationship with his children. In a recent episode of "Growing Up Hip Hop", the music mogul and his two children, Boogie and Ava, tried to mend their ongoing tension by going to a therapy to no avail.

During the session, Damon admitted to having issues with his son's struggles with drug and alcohol use and how Boogie avoided him after he was released from rehab. Boogie quickly defended himself with the support of Ava, prompting the entrepreneur to accuse them both of lying and being "disrespectful," and things just went further south after that.

"You're straight spoiled," Damon told his daughter at one point. "I'm very disappointed in you. You're a child, I took care of you and you never gave nothing in your life. You're disrespectful." When Boogie told his dad to "mind your business," he replied, "You're so sensitive, you're such a little girl about everything." He also said that his son has been acting "crazy."

Boogie and Ava then insisted their father calmed down, which made him even more upset and caused him to hurl insults at both of them. "The disrespect's gotta stop, stupid. Sit down or I'm leaving!" he yelled. "Stupid. Family, no matter what, never goes against family. You're a clown, you're both clowns."

Damon eventually stormed out of the room as Ava told him to "go away." He said to them prior to leaving, "I'm sick of you."

Boogie is Damon's son with his former girlfriend with Linda Williams. Meanwhile, he shares Ava with his ex-wife Rachel Roy. The father and daughter don't have the best relationship ever since his divorce from the fashion designer, with Ava accusing him of being like a bad dad.

"I'm being accused of being like a bad dad," he said in an episode of the WeTV series. "Ava, disrespecting me in the street. I be talking to her in the car I bought her, and she'll just drive the f**k off, like white people disrespectful. If she's going to be getting involved in the [expletive] that her mother is doing, it shouldn't be over me fighting to be a dad. Like, she going to turn into her mother on me?"

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