The Edward Cullen depicter also talks about his favorite fragrance from Dior, how he applies perfume as well as the fact that people around him thinks that he smells like a crayon.

AceShowbiz - While Robert Pattinson has recently been named the most handsome man in the world based on the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi, not everyone thinks that he's genuinely good looking in real life. The actor himself reveals his friends thought he was "posing" to look handsome after he's famous for his portrayal of vampire Edward Cullen in the "Twilight" movie.

"After I did 'Twilight', [my friends said,] 'Oh, you're posing all of the time,' " the 33-year-old heartthrob recalls his friends' allegation in an interview with Allure. "...and I'm like, 'What are you talking about? I'm just standing. And none of you thought I was good-looking two years ago!"

But Pattinson's friends were apparently not the only ones who thought he wasn't that attractive. Talking about his film roles which "can be described as canonically handsome men," the Bruce Wayne depicter in Matt Reeves' upcoming movie "The Batman" admits that he once thought he "looked like a baby with a wig on" prior to auditioning for the role in "Twilight".

"When I turned up for the audition, I had done a job where I'd dyed my hair black, but I had an inch and a half of roots, and I had waxed my body," he shares. "And then I had a few months where I'd been drinking beer all day, so I had this hairless, chubby body. I looked like a baby with a wig on."

During the interview, Pattinson, who has been the face of Dior Homme fragrance since 2013, also discusses his preference of perfume. "I hardly ever wear fragrances. If I wear a fragrance, I find it quite overbearing," he says, adding that the new Dior fragrance is an exception. "But this one, for some reason, you don't really notice you're wearing it," he explains. "I can never really describe it. People are like, 'Is it woody smelling?' But I don't really know what wood smells like. It definitely makes me feel more awake. There's something fresh about it."

Asked how he applies fragrance, Pattinson doesn't seem to have a unique way to put it on his body, but he reveals his ex-girlfriend's method that he likes. "My dad always used to put it on his hair. And I had an ex-girlfriend who sprayed a little cloud of perfume and shimmied around in it," he says, without naming his ex. "I like the idea of that."

"The Lighthouse" star goes on revealing how people strangely describe how he smells. "Lots of people tell me I smell like a crayon," he says, before adding, "Like I'm embalmed."

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