The 'Black Panther' actor says he is not ashamed of admitting to getting professional help to avoid walking the same path as his onscreen character on 'This Is Us'.

AceShowbiz - Sterling K. Brown has "no shame in saying" that he attends regular therapy sessions.

The 43-year-old actor portrays Randall Pearson on HBO show "This Is Us", with the character often debilitated by anxiety and panic attacks. Tuesday's episode, January 21, 2020 of the show saw things unravelling even more for Randall, with Sterling opening up about how he looks after his own mental health in a chat with

"Me, who attends therapy with regularity and has no shame in saying so, hopes that Randall is able to let go of whatever it is that's keeping him from moving forward and recognise that there are benefits in talking to someone about what's going on in your life," he said.

"It's nice to be able to take care of yourself when you need to. It's nice to be able to have things that you can go to in a pinch that help to soothe you, but that shouldn't mean that you can't also explore help from a professional."

Sterling added that getting therapy doesn't "diminish" him in any way, explaining, "You know how to take care of yourself in one particular way that has served you to this point in life. Now, be open to the possibility of learning new ways of self-care that may expand you. Therapy doesn't diminish you in any way. It can only expand your arsenal, your tools for living your best life."

And when it comes to the advice he'd give his on-screen alter ego, Sterling believes he'd benefit from attending some group sessions.

"What I hope is that no one's ego is so big that they don’t think that they can explore help outside of themselves," the "Black Panther" star added. "Randall would be able to find out that he's not the only person living with (anxiety). They are strategies and groups that he can connect with so he doesn't feel so isolated."

"It's very difficult to be the healthiest version of yourself by yourself."

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