Lil' Kim's Baby Daddy Mr. Papers Gets Dumped by Celina Powell on Instagram Live

'This is the last time you ever ever ever gonna be hitting me,' the self-proclaimed thot tells the 'Kissing You' artist, who shares a daughter with Kim, during their joint Live session.

AceShowbiz - Lil' Kim is not the only one with a new lover. Her ex and baby daddy, Mr. Papers, has also been quietly dating Celina Powell, though their relationship doesn't last as long as Kim's. The two recently held a joint Instagram Live session, where the self-proclaimed Instagram thot dumped him in front of a number of viewers.

Papers appeared to be listening to some music in his car while smoking during the session, and Celina clearly was not having it because she kept telling him to "turn the s**t off." He eventually turned down the music, but it wasn't enough to calm Celina down as she started accusing him of "trying to embarrass her." In his defense, Papers said, "I've got a daughter I'd never embarrass a girl."

However, Celina still didn't buy his words and continued to accuse him of trying to embarrass her despite his denial. "I'm not gonna expose you on your Live, it's cool," she later said, before dumping him. "This is the last time you ever ever ever gonna be hitting me. ...I'm not talking to you no more. For real. I'm done."

Papers apparently wasn't too heartbroken over that, though. Instead of begging her to stay, the "Kissing You" artist was laughing.

Prior to his hookup with Celina, Papers is widely known for dating Kim, with whom he shares daughter Royal Reign. Due to their high-profile relationship, Papers ends up resenting people who think he's only her baby daddy. "Before [dating Kim] I was the man, and after the situation, I'm the man. Before anybody, not just particularly my baby's moms. I don't mean that in a bad way, but people don't realize how hard I work. I've always been a hustler and made things happen," he previously said.

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