Ministry Guitarist Refutes Accusations of Having Sex With Two Minors

One of the women, Kelly Longoria, claims that Sin Quirin visited her up to 20 times while she was still in high school and had sex with her many times beginning when she was still 15 years old.

AceShowbiz - Ministry rocker Sin Quirin has been accused of having sex with minors before he joined the band.

Kelly Longoria claims she was a 15-year-old high school student when she first met the musician in 2002 at a Dope/Society 1 gig in San Antonio, Texas, when he told her he was 28.

Nothing happened that night, but he kept in touch and visited the student up to 20 times while she was still in high school. In a police report filed in 2017, Longoria claimed she and Quirin, whom she later learned was even older than he had led her to believe, had sex many times, while she was a minor, beginning when she was still 15.

Longoria is one of two women who have told SPIN they had sex with Quirin while they were minors after meeting him at shows.

Quirin has denied having sexual contact with Longoria or any other minor, but he does recall meeting her and exchanging contact information, adding any subsequent social encounters happened as a result of Longoria attending his concerts.

"Mr. Quirin did not begin visiting Ms. Longoria in San Antonio," his lawyer, Randolph Ortega, tells SPIN. "During this time Society 1 was touring heavily in various locations throughout the United States. When the band was in or near the San Antonio area, Ms. Longoria would come to the show as a guest."

In her police report, Longoria claims she first had sex with the musician between "December 2002 and April 2003," adding, "There were approximately two encounters during that time frame and after that we had a 'boyfriend-girlfriend' type relationship, even after I was of legal age. I could not tell you how many times we had sex during that time frame."

No criminal charges have ever been filed against Quirin.

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