T.I.'s Son King Harris Is Apparently the Instigator of the Fight in Viral Video

Meanwhile, his rapper father went on an Instagram Live session just hours after the video surfaced, documenting his fun-filled time at a club in Atlanta with his friends and wife Tiny.

AceShowbiz - New details about King Harris' recent fight have surfaced online. In contrary to the video, which saw the son of T.I. appearing to be on the losing end, it's been reported that King was the one at fault and was accused to be the instigator of the fight.

Parents of some children who attend the same school as King claimed to Gossip of the City that the curly-haired kid was the one who started it all. According to them, King "payed other kids to force the kid he fought with to take off his sniper gang shirt he had on." The kid apparently didn't let them take off his shirt and it all led to the brawl.

This arrives just a day after video surfaced on King and a kid fighting in what appeared to be a bathroom in their school. In the less-than-30-second clip, the young rapper was getting punched by his opponent before he threw him and started punching him back. There were several other students beside them, but they simply watched on without interfering.

Tip has yet to address this matter, but he went on an Instagram Live just hours after the clip made its way round on the Internet. The "No Mediocre" rapper was having the best time of his life at a club in Atlanta with his friends and wife Tiny Harris (Tameka Cottle). But unlike Tip, Tiny didn't seem to be that excited to be at the club. This prompted people to speculate that Tiny was exhausted because of the fight.

"Tiny be looking so miserable. No matter how hard she tries to hide it. Smh," one said. "Tiny seems to be bothered. But she's stuck babysitting her husband. I would def be home with my child. But that's neither here nor there," another suspected, with one chiming in, "Tiny looks sad."

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