Tyler Perry Likens His Screen Commitments to Tom Brady's Career

During an appearance on 'Today', the director of 'A Fall From Grace' admits that his 50-year-old self isn't sure he can keep up with his hectic lifestyle for much longer.

AceShowbiz - Actor/director Tyler Perry is considering winding down his screen commitments now he's turned 50 because he's starting to feel his age.

The "Madea" star is known for keeping a busy work schedule - writing, producing and/or directing TV shows like "The Haves and the Have Nots", "The Paynes", and "The Oval", while also acting in films like Gone Girl, Vice, and his new thriller, "A Fall From Grace".

However, Perry, who recently moved his production studio to a huge new location in Atlanta, Georgia, isn't sure he can keep up his hectic lifestyle for much longer, because he's aware he may not be able to sustain the same quality of work as he ages.

"I'm 50 and feeling it," he told U.S. breakfast show "Today".

Likening his career to that of Gisele Bundchen's American football star husband Tom Brady, who was widely expected to announce his retirement following the New England Patriots' play off game loss to the Tennessee Titans earlier this month (January 2020), Perry said, "I'm enjoying it, but it's kinda like Tom Brady. It's kinda like, you get to a point and you're like, 'Alright, I've thrown my best game...' We'll see what happens."

Quarterback Brady has since revealed he plans to return for another season at the age of 42.

Meanwhile, Perry has another new project to focus on - the construction of a safe haven for abuse victims on the grounds of the new Tyler Perry Studios.

He previously shared his hopes for the shelter last year (2019), but now the filmmaker, a child abuse survivor, is dedicating the time to ensure his dream becomes a reality.

"I just think that if I can build this beautiful place where children, families, LBGTQ (sic) youth who have been displaced, put out of their homes, can come to a beautiful campus and live and be reasserted into life, I think that would be wonderful," Perry shared.

"If someone could have done that to my mother, I don't know where we would be now, maybe she would have left that abusive situation, so if I can do that, build that, and help that be this amazing place of just hope for people, I feel like that is what's next."

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