The 'Foolish Games' hitmaker finds herself under fire after posing images of herself riding dolphins at an animal rehabilitation centre during a vacation in the Grand Cayman Islands.

AceShowbiz - Singer Jewel Kilcher is thanking fans for educating her after causing a stir by posting images of herself riding dolphins on holiday.

The "Foolish Games" hitmaker recently vacationed in the Grand Cayman Islands and shared photos of her vacation activities on Instagram, including shots with her son Kase at an animal rehabilitation centre, where she can be seen riding dolphins.

"There was one dolphin for each foot- their nose pressed snugly into each arch," she captioned the post. "I started laying flat in the water, and they came up and pressed their noses into my feet and then start hauling! Swipe to see me first being lifted and then me launching myself ... so. Much. Fun. These animals are so smart are kind and playful (sic)... what an honor to spend the day with them and their trainers...."

But fans were quick to share their dismay over the 45 year old's images.

"You need to look at the Dolphin Project and see how the Beautiful dolphins are stolen and slaughtered for profit," one commenter wrote. "ANIMALS ARE NOT OUR PROPERTY OR OUR ENTERTAINMENT."

A representative for The Dolphin Project also weighed in, writing, "thank you for being so vocal about this issue! Yes, unfortunately, this isn't a true rehabilitation center. Many dolphins round falsely advertise under names like that (sic)."

Jewel eventually addressed the outcry, noting she has been "schooled" on the issue.

"Hey all- I have been schooled by you about dolphins and love hearing your feedback," she wrote. "I fully agree animals should not be taken from their families ... I do support facilities that take in harmed animals for rehab and education."

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