Disney Under Fire for Choosing to Give Billy Magnussen an 'Aladdin' Spin-Off

Fans are not pleased with the Mouse House for choosing to work on a spin-off that revolves around Prince Anders and leave the main star Mena Massoud hanging.

AceShowbiz - Disney's planned "Aladdin" spin-off has received criticism from fans following claims from movie star Mena Massoud that he "hasn't had a single audition" since the movie was released.

On Friday, December 6, The Hollywood Reporter shared the studio is developing a spin-off fronted by actor Billy Magnussen, who appeared alongside Massoud and Will Smith in the flick as a new character from the 2019 live-action adaptation, "Prince Anders".

However, fans of the movie are criticising the decision for a series led by one of the few white actors in the film, after Massoud claimed he had not been able to get an audition since receiving critical and commercial acclaim for his performance as the titular character in the billion dollar-grossing film.

Taking to Twitter to express their disappointment, one fan posted, "So the dude who plays Aladdin can't get an audition but the one white dude with one scene in a majority brown cast gets his own movie. Certainly a great look Disney."

"I didn't like Aladdin remake. I don't even like Mena tbh. But the fact that an unnecessary white character, that played no significant role in the Aladdin movie is getting a spin off, whilst Mena is jobless is telling," wrote another fan, while a third user shared, "Sure, give the white guy who could be replaced with some cheap souvenir from overseas (and not affect the plot at all) a spinoff while @MenaMassoud is left hanging after Aladdin's success."

"Nope nope nope," another simply said.

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