Stopping by 'Live with Kelly and Ryan', the 'Jurassic Park' actor shares his excitement after getting a chance to talk to 'one of the guys in the space station.'

AceShowbiz - Jeff Goldblum has had "transformative" experiences filming his new documentary series, even tattooing a fan.

The "Jurassic Park" star spent months touring around America and hanging out with regular people for his new Disney+ show "The World According to Jeff Goldblum", and he admits he could never have imagined how much fun he'd have just meeting regular folk.

"We put together these 12 episodes of ordinary items showing the extraordinary elements of them and the unexpected people involved," he raved on "Live with Kelly and Ryan" about the series. "I have a lot of fun. For the last six months I've gone all around America, to places I wouldn't ordinarily have been, and met people I wouldn't have met. And it really was transformative.

"I went to the biggest pool anywhere, in a NASA neutral buoyancy tank in Houston, Texas," he adds, "and they have a replica of the international space station at the bottom of it where they (astronauts) can practice their weightless training. I met one of the wives of someone who is currently up on the space station and she had him call me. I talked to one of the guys in the space station right now!".

He also enjoyed hanging out at a tattoo parlour in San Francisco, California, where artists have created temporary ink that can help people realise they have had "too much to drink or too much sun".

At another tattoo parlour in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania he discovered something even more exciting: "There's a Jeff Goldblum Day at one of these parlours and they only do Jeff Goldblum tattoos."

And one lucky fan got something really special - a Jeff Goldblum tattoo part created by the man himself.

"They let me make a mark on someone's calf," he said proudly. "I was a little scared but I did it, a little bit."

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