Rapper Queen Key Announces She's Pregnant With Triplets: 'I'm Superwoman'

Even though the 'My Way' rapper doesn't reveal the father of her unborn children, many people have been speculating that Chicago rapper 600Breezy is her baby daddy.

AceShowbiz - Queen Key is going to become a mother of not just one child, but three children at once. The 23-year-old rapper took to Instagram on Thursday, November 28 to announce that she's currently expecting triplets along with a video of her getting a sonogram.

In the video, her doctor could be seen telling her that expecting triplets was such a rare case. "We see triplets maybe once or twice a year," she said. "Sometimes they're spontaneous like yours, sometimes they're IVF or other fertility assisted." Meanwhile, Key couldn't hide her happiness after learning of the news, telling her friend, "I'm gonna cry."

She elaborated in the caption of the post, "Thankyou God, the universe always has a way of showing me that I'm so special, well long story short n****s I'm having triplets & I'm happy about it. I've learned that one of the greatest gifts of life is life itself, and being able to carry different lives inside of u is a totally different feeling... I would've never thought me out of all people would be having kids... and triplets at that."

Key went on expressing how much she couldn't wait until the day where she could "see them, touch them, love them...," before calling herself a "superwoman" over her "ability to adapt." She added, "I'm sharing this moment w/ y'all just to let u know God is real & s**t happens. I'll never be ashamed of anything God gives me.. realize blessings when they come, fear is not real.. If anything ima show mfs how to do it..."

Shortly after making the post, Key followed it up with a couple of photos of her flaunting her growing baby bump. "Mama gotta have a life too b***h," the "My Way" rapper said alongside the mirror selfies.

Key didn't reveal who is her baby daddy, though it's been reported that 600Breezy is the father of the children. However, he has since debunked the rumors.

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