'RHOC' Star Braunwyn Windham-Burke Slams Critics After Confessing to Cheating on Husband

During her appearance on Bravo's 'After Show', the reality TV star makes it clear that her romance with her side dude was 'very PG,' adding, 'It was someone that listened to me.'

AceShowbiz - Braunwyn Windham-Burke has just dropped a shocking bombshell about her marriage. Appearing on Bravo's "After Show", the reality TV star revealed that she cheated on husband Sean after going through a rough patch in their marriage.

She made the revelation when asked whether or not her husband had ever cheated on her and came back after that. Her answer wasn't what everyone expected, surprising show producers and Shannon Beador. "No, I cheated on Sean," "The Real Housewives of Orange County" star said. "We separated. I took the kids..."

While she did admit to having an affair with someone else, Braunwyn made it clear that their romance was "very PG." She explained, "It was someone that listened to me. We surfed together, we would go for walks. I wasn't ready for anything more, but it was nice to just have someone listen."

Eventually, Braunwyn and Sean managed to work everything out "after a few months," when he flew to Hawaii to win her back. "He got down on one knee and re-proposed to me. He had quit his job. He was the president of a very successful company. He sold his shares and he walked away and he became a stay-at-home dad for like eight years," she recalled. "He said, 'I'd rather choose you guys than my work.' "

Her remarks naturally elicited all sort of responses from social media users, and one comment appeared to rub Braunwyn the wrong way because she was quick to clap back. In response to one user who dubbed her "disturbing" for airing out her family issues on TV, she said, "I thought I was supposed to be real on the show, my bad... don't worry though, there's plenty of fake people out there to get you through your day."

The Bravo star went on assuring that her children knew what she and Sean had gone through. "They know marriage is hard with ups and downs, and they've seen first hand how worth it it was for us to fight for our family," she added. "We'll never be perfect, but who is? Sorry I won't pretend to be anything but myself, I've learned a lot of life lessons in my life, often the hard way, and I'll never be ashamed to share them, even when social media makes it really damn hard."

The user deleted her/his comment after that.

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