Tiny Calls T.I. 'Nasty' for Licking Her Face in New Video

In related news, the 'No Mediocre' rapper recently revealed in a new interview the secret to staying together with the 44-year-old Xscape songstress for a long time.

AceShowbiz - T.I. and Tiny (Tameka Cottle) continue displaying their affection towards each other on social, though the rapper has a different way to show it off. The Xscape songstress recently took to Instagram Stories to share a video of them spending quality time together, before things took a little racy turn thanks to Tip.

In the video, Tiny was seen approaching Tip who suddenly thrust his tongue to her cheek. The sudden movement definitely caught the 44-year-old singer off guard, as she told her rapper husband, "That's nasty." But that didn't stop Tip from doing what he was doing, prompting Tiny to walk down the streets while covering her face.

Tip and Tiny have been married for almost a decade. Despite all the troubles that hit their marriage, the couple managed to solve their issues and continued going strong. Recently, Tip revealed the "secret" to staying together with Tiny for a long time in an interview. "They key to staying together, this is the secret, this is how people have been together for 10 and 20 and 30 of years," he said. "Here it is: Don't go nowhere. That's as simple as that."

"If you look at someone who's been married for 20, 40 years, there have been times that they've hated each other's guts and they wanted to turn around and walk away. But the only thing that kept them together is staying together," he continued, before insisting that "we were never apart" despite their rough patch in 2016, when Tiny filed for divorce amid cheating allegation surrounding him. She ended up withdrawing her papers, though.

He added, "Listen, I love my wife and I love my family and I think that goes without saying. A lot of people put a lot of aggregation on things. My life is your entertainment and I understand that, but I'm going to stop it when I think it's time."

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