Miley Cyrus on Backlash Over Gay Comments: 'I Was Talking S**t About Sucky Guys'

The 'Slide Away' singer draws the ire of the LGBTQ community after she said in a recent Instagram Live session that women 'don't have to be gay' after getting their hearts broken by men.

AceShowbiz - Miley Cyrus recently drew the ire of the LGBTQ community over the comments she made during her Instagram Live session over the weekend. Following the backlash, the actress/songstress clarified her remarks on Twitter on Monday, October 21, stressing that she didn't mean to harm the community with her comments.

Saying that she was actually "talking s**t about sucky guys," Miley wrote on the bluebird app, "But let me be clear, YOU don't CHOOSE your sexuality. You are born as you are. It has always been my priority to protect the LGBTQ community I am a part of. Happy Monday!"

Miley Cyrus clarified her comments after backlash.

The controversy erupted during her Live session on Sunday evening, when she appeared to throw a major shade at her estranged husband Liam Hemsworth. Telling the viewers that "there are good men out there, guys, don't give up," Miley said, "You don't have to be gay, there are good people with d**ks out there, you've just got to find them. You've got to find a d**k that's not a d**k, you know."

The "Slide Away" singer then mentioned her past relationships with women, before adding, "I always thought I had to be hay, because I thought all guys were evil, but it's not true. There are good people out there that just happen to have d**ks. I've only met one, and he's on this live." Miley was referring to her beau Cody Simpson, who joined her Live session midway through.

Many people didn't take her remarks too well, as they slammed her comments as being "so insulting," and accused her of "using the queer community as a stop-gap because she couldn't find a boyfriend." One person said, "Miley, this is so not it. Women don't 'have to be gay' because they 'can't find a good person with a d**k.' People aren't queer because they 'gave up' on men."

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