Wendy Williams Thinks Tiny's $750K Jewelry Robbery Is an Inside Job

In related news, the 55-year-old host orders an audience member to 'get out' for interrupting her show when her/his phone rings in the middle of her famous 'Hot Topics' segment.

AceShowbiz - Tiny Harris a.k.a. Tameka Cottle made headlines yesterday after she fell victim to a car burglary in which $750,000 worth of her jewelry was stolen from her Lamborghini. It was a huge amount and it came as no suprise when Wendy Williams covered the news in the Tuesday, October 8 episode of her talk show.

According to authorities, "there were no signs of forced entry or damage observed to the vehicle" as the investigation continues. With that information, Wendy seemingly believed that the robbery was done by someone that the Xscape member might know.

"Mrs. Harris... All I'm saying Tiny is either you didn't lock your door or maybe this was an inside job," she said. "But, hopefully the cameras are working [where her car was parked] and we will know the truth soon. I don't understand how you keep almost $1 million worth of jewelry in the console of your car on a regular basis."

The incident happened on Sunday night, October 6 in Atlanta when the wife of T.I. was having fun with her friends at the Midtown Atlanta bar. Police confirmed that her Lamborghini was burglarized outside of Bar Amalfi in the city at around 11:23 P.M. When she returned around 9:45 P.M., she found out the bag containing her jewelry was missing. The bag holds various pieces, including her watches, stud earrings and wedding ring.

In related news, Wendy snapped at an audience member for interrupting her show when her/his phone rang in the middle of her famous "Hot Topics" segment. "Is somebody's phone on?" the 55-year-old TV personality asked, before yelling, "Get out! Get out! Turn that phone off now, sir, ma'am, whoever you are. Just, please, kindly."

She went on saying, "The tickets are free, but when you come here you must turn your phones off." Although she admitted to being "overdramatic," Wendy added that she was being serious. "Kindly please turn your phone off," she ordered.

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