Snoop Dogg's Performance at University of Kansas Deemed Too Steamy

The officials from the university are forced to apologize to anyone offended following the rapper's recent performance at the school's annual 'Late Night' event.

AceShowbiz - Officials from the University of Kansas apologised after rapper Snoop Dogg performed a risque show as part of their annual "Late Night" evenings of skits, music and entertainment.

The star delivered a 35 minute set to celebrate the start of basketball practices, performing unedited versions of hits including "Gin and Juice" and "Drop It Like It's Hot", as pole dancers performed and fake $100 bills featuring the rapper's face were shot over players and recruits.

However, the university's athletic director Jeff Long was forced to apologise following the gig, insisting the institution "expected a clean version of the show."

"We made it clear to the entertainers' managers that we expected a clean version of the show and took additional steps to communicate to our fans, including moving the artist to the final act of the evening, to ensure that no basketball activities would be missed if anyone did not want to stay for his show," he said in a statement. "I take full responsibility for not thoroughly vetting all the details of the performance and offer my personal apology to those who were offended."

"We strive to create a family atmosphere at Kansas and fell short of that this evening."

The "Late Night" event is a 35-year tradition, with rappers including Tech N9ne, Lil Yachty and 2 Chainz among the names that have provided entertainment in recent years.

The controversy comes as the university is amid a pay-for-play investigation, with the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) alleging three severe violations tied to recruiting, and a lack of institutional control within the college's basketball programme.

The University of Kansas strongly refutes the allegations.

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