Larissa Dos Santos Trolls Colt Johnson After He Hangs Out With Her Ex Eric Nichols

Just a day after her exes' get-together, the '90 Day Fiance' beauty takes to Instagram to post a picture of Colt's rumored ex-girlfriend Jess Caroline and show her some love.

AceShowbiz - Is this Larissa Dos Santos Lima's reaction to Colt Johnson hanging out with her ex Eric Nichols? The Brazilian beauty got a lot of people talking when she posted a picture of Colt's rumored ex-girlfriend, Jess Caroline, on Instagram Stories and even promoted her page. This made many convinced that she was trolling her "90 Day Fiance" co-star.

In the post, Larissa attached a picture of Jess flashing her smile at the camera as she rocked a maroon sleeveless shirt and let her red hair down. "Follow this beauty," so Larissa captioned the post, along with a smiley and a fire emoji. The post quickly went viral, with a blogger named John Yates taking a screenshot of the post and sharing it on his own account.

Larissa apparently wasn't satisfied enough because when the blogger informed that Jess was Colt's recent ex, Larissa commented, "Better than soap opera." People were loving her post, with one telling her, "Nice comeback Larissa, didn't even have to say a word. Glad to see u still have ur sense of humor." Another jokingly said, "These are the days of our lives."

Later on, the reality TV beauty made it clear that she had nothing but love for Jess. Replying to a fan who asked for her opinion about Jess, she answered, "We are not friends and we have no plans to be, we have Brazilians friends in common, what I read about her she seems a sweet and a beautiful girl."

This arrives a day after Colt and Eric hung out together at the latter's home. Even though the two appeared to be having a lot of fun together, many weren't here for it as they were quick to call them "salty" and "thirsty" for attention. "All I see from this picture is two grown a** men who are salty af and have to get any form of attention they have," one wrote, while another joked, "Alexa play 'Do anything for clout' by Offset and Cardi B."

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