Video: 'Love and Hip-Hop' Star Lovely Mimi Tearfully Calls Out 'Abusive' and 'Cheating' Husband

In a lengthy video addressing the end of her 10-year marriage to Remy, the reality TV star claims she went to file for divorce from him only to find out that their marriage had never been filed.

AceShowbiz - "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star Lovely Mimi has hit back at her estranged husband Remy The Boss after he uploaded a YouTube video explaining why they broke up. At the time, Remy blamed Lovely's social media fame for the end of their 10-year marriage.

But Lovely has begged to differ, sharing her side of the story in a video she posted on her own channel. Airing their dirty laundry, the reality TV star claimed money was never the No. 1 problem because he never had a job in the first place.

Lovely claimed she's always been the breadwinner and let his family live at her home without paying anything. But he has been abusive to her, even when she was pregnant, and allowed his family to take advantage of her. She also accused him of cheating on her and disrespecting their marriage by having a "female" friend.

The social media influencer additionally said Remy stole money from their businesses and never really cared about her. On top of that, when she went to file for divorce, she just found out that their marriage certificate had never been filed.

She got emotional and teared up as she addressed her reason to give up on her marriage. "I should've given up a long, long, long time ago. But I stayed because I don't wanna be alone. I stayed because I thought it was okay," she said, admitting that she made a lot of excuses to tolerate his cheating behavior.

Lovely couldn't hold back her tears as she clapped back at people who attacked her for her marriage split. Sharing her emotional distress caused by her marital issue, she revealed that she reached the point where she can't respect her husband or even look at his face.

Lovely has since received many supportive messages in the comment section of the video. "I've gained so much respect for you through this video. I pray you find happiness again love!!" one wrote. "Mimi we never liked Remy...we just tolerated his ass because we love you. Sending positive vibes your way," another added.

As many people seemed to side with her, Remy received many backlashes for his own YouTube video in which he addressed the split. "Remy , how you a boss when you never had a successful business and you never paid any bills BUMMMM!!" one called him out. Another responded after Lovely posted her video, "YOU LOST A QUEEN AND YALL AINT EVEN MARRED JOKES ON YOU."

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