Cardi B's Bestie Challenges Nicki Minaj's BFF to a Fight Over the Rappers' Feud

Cardi's gal pal Star Brim and Nicki's best friend Rah Ali have agreed to meeting in person to settle the score with a physical fight, after Star brought up the two femcees' feud in an Instagram post.

AceShowbiz - Cardi B and Nicki Minaj's feud is about to escalate to a new level with each hip-hop star's gal pal being involved. Cardi's bestie Star Brim, who was in prison when the two rappers' physical altercation at New York Fashion Week took place, recently posted a video on Instagram in which she said that she were with the "I Like It" hitmaker at NY Fashion Week, there's no way she would've let Nicki's BFF Rah Ali hit Cardi in the head with a shoe.

Rah then appeared to reach out to Star via Direct Message, telling her to "quiet now huh p***y." Having no intention to raise the white flag yet, Star challenged Rah to a face-to-face confrontation. After several back and forth, they agreed to meet in person somewhere to settle the score. "I'm a real street b***h. It's nothing else for us to discuss," Rah taunted Star.

Star and Rah being at each other's throat comes after Nicki and Cardi started to throw shades at each other again. The "Anaconda" hitmaker was believed to have reignited the feud as she alluded on her "Queen Radio" show that she reached her success with "no Instagram, no reality shows, no sucking DJs' d**ks." While she didn't mention a name, many believed her statement was aimed at her nemesis Cardi.

She then added, "I would feel so f***ing crazy if I had No. 1s and Grammys and ain't on nobody's top 50 list." Cardi has multiple No. 1 singles, a No. 1 album, and secured a 2019 Grammy for Best Rap Album ("Invasion of Privacy"), but she wasn't listed in Ebro Darden's list of the top 50 rappers of all time. Nicki was ranked 33rd in the list, coming in between Cam'ron and Lil Wayne.

Cardi then clapped back by posting a list of the world's top-performing albums, which include her set "Invasion of Privacy". "Only list I give a f**k about," she wrote in the caption. She accused Nicki of being "sooo obsessed" with her in a clip of Mariah Carey's hit song "Obsessed".

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