Bow Wow Lands in Hot Water for Accusing Drea Kelly of Getting Paid to Lie on Ex R. Kelly

In the latest episode of 'Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta', the 32-year-old rapper makes it clear that he refuses to meet Drea following her appearance in 'Surviving R. Kelly'.

AceShowbiz - It seems Bow Wow really needs to watch his mouth if he doesn't want to be women's No. 1 enemy. The 32-year-old rapper and reality TV star has been slammed after he accused Drea Kelly of getting paid to lie on her disgraced ex-husband R. Kelly.

In the latest episode of "Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta", Bow Wow's mom Teresa Caldwell expressed how she wanted him to meet Drea while they were enjoying lunch together. Hearing her request, the "Like You" spitter laughed and made it clear that he had no intention to meet the "Hollywood Exes" alum following her appearance in "Surviving R. Kelly".

His mom tried to persuade him to meet her, saying that Drea is a sweet and cool person. Bow Wow stood by his decision, though he admitted to having one question to the 45-year-old should she really came to meet him. "If R. Kelly's ex-wife comes, I'm gonna ask her about the documentary. I got a question, 'How much did you get paid to lie on him, baby?' " he told his mom, who clearly wasn't pleased to hear that.

Viewers of "GUHH: ATL" were apparently feeling the same as Teresa since they quickly took to social media to blast Bow Wow once the episode aired. "He's so childish grow up. He needs to get his s**t together. He's r******d," one said. "He really digging his own grave at this point. His recent comments have all been targeted towards women and it's like sir, enough. He's acting like a b***h," another commented, referring to his past comments about Ciara and Wendy Williams.

Someone else hit back at Bow Wow, "I got questions for bow wow. Like why you always tryna fight women? Why you flex like you had private jet? Why you so short and so mad? Why you don't release music no more? Why you a b***h?" One individual urged him to "shut up defending a rapist they found a lot of tapes with him having sex with under age girls to what more proof do you need."

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