Swae Lee: I Sleep and Take a Shower With My Diamonds On

The one half of Rae Sremmurd reveals that his favorite jeweller at the moment is Kris Jewelers since they have really good prices and provide him with elegant jewels.

AceShowbiz - Rae Sremmurd singer Swae Lee showers and sleeps in his jewellery.

The "Sunflower" hitmaker refuses to do anything in his day-to-day life without his diamonds, admitting he never takes his pieces off - even when he's in bed.

"I sleep with my jewellery on," the 24-year-old rapper told the New York Times. "I take a shower and do everything with it. I got a lot of jewellers I mess with."

The star's favourite jeweller at the moment is Kris Jewelers, a crafts brand specialising in custom designs.

"There's one that showed me a lot of dope pieces, and the name is @krisjewelers on Instagram," he shared. "They have really good prices and are not just out to bust heads. I like elegant jewels. I don't like mine super-flashy. I don't like too much 'rapper' jewellery, necessarily."

Although he likes a more muted tone to the pieces he wears, Swae admits he is happy to splurge on some major "bling" from time to time.

"One of the first big things I bought for myself was a Patek watch. It's so fly," he said. "I don't even really wear it because it's too much to bust out."

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