Brody Jenner Admits It 'Hurt' That Caitlyn Skipped His Wedding
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The reality TV/model star gets candid about his disappointment over his father's absence at his 2018 wedding in a new episode of 'The Hills: New Beginnings'.

AceShowbiz - Brody Jenner once again opened up about his complicated relationship with his father Caitlyn Jenner in a new episode of "The Hills: New Beginnings". In the Monday, July 15 outing, the 35-year-old reality TV star was left wondering when Caitlyn failed to make an appearance at his record release party.

But this isn't the first time the former Olympic medalist disappointed her son by skipping a major event in his life. Back in June 2018, Caitlyn bailed out of Brody's wedding to Kaitlynn Carter in Indonesia, just a week before the D-day.

Kaitlynn said Brody has kept quiet about this, but inside he did get hurt. "Right before our wedding, Brody's dad canceled on coming to the wedding, like a week before," Kaitlynn explained in a solo confessional. "Brody kind of brushed it off, but he has to have felt something. But he doesn't express it."

Brody then confessed his true feelings about his father's absence at his wedding, "Not having my dad at the wedding, it was a bummer. Honestly, it really did hurt. I would have loved to have had her there, but she had better things to do, apparently."

While admitting that he and Caitlyn "have never really had a great relationship," Brody praised her mother Linda Thompson for always being "the rock" through "all the ups and downs that my family has had." It's also his mom who teaches Brody about forgiveness, especially when it comes to his relationship with his father.

"I don't give Bruce, Caitlyn a pass for not being a father. I don't think there's any excuse ever to not be there for your children," Linda said. "It's not what you would ever do - to have a child and not call them on their birthday and be a parent to them. ... I'm not excusing Caitlyn, I'm just saying it's forgivable. Everything in life is forgivable, and it's not even for the other person, it's for yourself. You have to forgive, so it doesn't eat away inside you."

Brody previously said he didn't expect much from Caitlyn. "My dad, she's like a 15-year-old girl now," he said in "The Hills: New Beginnings" episode which aired earlier this month. "She's a totally different - I mean, it's awesome. It's great. She's happy, she's running around. She's off living her life, so what I've learned is to just not expect too much from her."

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