Wendy Williams' Alleged New Man Is Identified as Bronx-Based Doctor - See His Reaction

The 54-year-old TV personality mentioned the man when she returned to her talk show from her June hiatus, announcing to her viewers, 'I'm not on the market anymore.'

AceShowbiz - Wendy Williams made her fans wonder who is the man she was talking about in the recent episode of her daytime talk show. While the 54-year-old didn't reveal the name of the lucky guy, she hinted that it was a doctor who was in his 50s.

And a new report suggests that the man is 52-year-old Dr. Darrin Porcher. It is also said that he is a doctor who is based in Bronx.

Darrin, however, vehemently denies the rumors. "I'm flattered, but that's not the case," the retired NYPD detective/TV commentator said. "I was brought in to provide security for Wendy during her divorce, she wanted someone with an air of legitimacy. But that's where it ends, I'm happily in a relationship right now."

Wendy mentioned the man when she returned to her talk show from her June hiatus. "I'm not on the market anymore…I'm not in love, but there's someone I'm crazy about!" she told her viewers. "When it comes time for the comfort of a man, I need sometime in their 50s too, and he’s got to work. And, it doesn't hurt that he's a doctor."

"I am not going to say one more word. You're not going to blow this for me," she insisted. However, despite saying all that, Wendy couldn't help but tease and said, "Yes, he's brown/black… And, you know when you're 50 you can sometimes let it all go," before flexing her arm to show that her mystery beau has big muscles.

A source claimed that "Wendy is falling hard and fast for her new man, but she also doesn't feel the need to be in love in order to be in a relationship with him." The source went on adding, "Wendy is still in a transitional period in her life and definitely doesn't want to rush things with this guy. She really likes him, but she also wants to take things slow and enjoy every moment of getting to know each other on a deeper level."

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