Blueface Posts Footage of Sister Grabbing Knife During Fight, Explains His Side of Story

In the surveillance footage that the rapper shares on his Instagram account, his mother Karlissa is seen screaming and cursing at him while he tries to calmly talk to her.

AceShowbiz - Blueface has finally explained his side of story after his mother Karlissa recorded him kicking out her and his sister Kali out of his home. In contrary to previous report which stated that the rapper booted them out for his two girlfriends, he blasted his "broke a**" sister for being ungrateful when he already provided an apartment for her.

Taking to Instagram on Tuesday, July 3, Blueface posted a surveillance footage that showed who appeared to be his mother screaming and cursing at him inside his home as he tried to calmly talked to his mother. At one point, his sister was seen in the video grabbing a knife in the kitchen before the scene changed to show her confronting Blueface upstairs.

He wrote in the caption, "Sense they wanna go viral so bad this the real story my mom got tired of my broke a** sister free loading at her house she brought her to mine an (sic) I wasn't going for it I already got her an apartment guess that wasn't enough she want my car she want me to buy her a car off the lot an some more stuff."

The "Thotiana" rapper went on saying, "I was homeless in my own car for years ain't nobody wanna let me stay at the house I had to thug it out. But I C my fans ain't real fans y'all turn like corners fucc all you fake a** fans thats y I'm in it just for the money."

Meanwhile, Karlissa has also taken to her own account to share a lengthy post explaining her standpoint regarding the incident. In her post, she said that the current Blueface is not her real son, "I deeply regret pushing BlueFace to anger but I refuse to allow him to destroy my son Johnathan [Blueface's real name]!"

"This was not about money or me trying to control his house because if I see the devil coming in you can best believe I'm going to be right behind her," she continued. "To all those who have prayed for us collectively, I felt your prayers and it did give me strength and courage. Please continue to pray for my baby because at the of the day that's who he is and will always be."

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