Kiyomi Leslie Accuses Ex Bow Wow of Beating Her While She Was Pregnant: I Lost My Baby
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In a series of Twitter posts, the TV personality also accuses the rapper's mother of lying on national television despite knowing that her son beat up her so bad she suffered miscarriage.

AceShowbiz - The drama between Bow Wow and his ex Kiyomi Leslie is apparently far from over. Their fight earlier this year was documented in the latest episode of "Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta", and the TV personality wasn't happy with how it was portrayed to the point where she felt the need to take to her social media account to get some things off of her chest.

During the episode, Bow Wow and his mom made Kiyomi be the bad guy when they discussed their domestic violence while the rapper maintained his innocence. He even showed off his healing bruises to another ex, Angela Simmons, when they met up.

Kiyomi was understandably upset with how she was portrayed in the episode and defended herself on Twitter. Pointing out that she had bruises and scratches as well, she said, "Man what y'all wanted me to do? Let the lame beat me up like he did in the past?" Kiyomi additionally urged the 32-year-old to "keep calm bro."

She continued, "I refuse to let him and his washed up family belittle me and trash my name just because their WEAK A** child/family member wanted to date me. I wish I would turned him down and kept it moving." Later, she made a shocking bombshell that Bow Wow beat her up while she was pregnant, causing her to suffer miscarriage. She also alleged that police had been called several times because of that, but his family kept lying and covering him up.

She tweeted, "Bet he won't tell y'all the police been called out more than that one occasion and his family lied & covered for him that time. He beat me while I was pregnant. Punch me in my stomach & all... lost my baby and still covered for the weak a** n***a."

Directing her shot at his mother, Kiyomi added, "His weak a** momma called me sounding all concerned that her son beat me... TERESA KNEW her son beat me numerous times and still got on national television to lie... YOU LUCKY MY MOMMA RAISED ME TO RESPECT WOMEN BECAUSE WHEEEEW ! Trashhhh."

Both Bow Wow and his mother have yet to respond to the accusation. Meanwhile, Erica Mena has voiced her support for Kiyomi and declared that she believes in her.

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