Alice Cooper Confesses to Having Death Pact With Wife of 43 Years
WENN/Adriana M. Barraza

Revealing that he and wife Sheryl Goddard have agreed to 'go out together,' the Godfather of Shock Rock explains that they wouldn't be able to survive without each other.

AceShowbiz - Rocker Alice Cooper has made a death pact with his wife after they agreed they couldn't live without each other.

The 71-year-old "School's Out" singer and his wife of 43 years, Sheryl Goddard, have agreed to "go out together" when one of them dies.

"We've made a pact," he tells the Daily Mirror. "There is no way of surviving without each other. I couldn't live without her."

"We always said there will never be a time when one of us will be mourning the other. Whenever it does happen, we are going to go together."

The couple wed in 1976 and Sheryl briefly filed for divorce in 1983, but the couple reconciled within months.

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