P. Diddy's Ex Details Her Abusive Relationship With Him, Claims She's Forced to Have 2 Abortions

Virginia V, who previously shared a couple of now-deleted photos and videos of her getting intimate with the musician, claimed that the rap mogul 'stomped' her numerous times.

AceShowbiz - Sean "P. Diddy" Combs was recently hit with physical abuse allegations. The accusations were coming from his ex-girlfriend Gina Huynh a.k.a. Virginia V, who alleged in a recent interview that the rap mogul physically assaulted her during the time they were together.

In a three-part interview with media personality Tasha K, Virginia said that she and Diddy had an on-and-off relationship even when Diddy was still dating his other ex Cassie. Virginia, who previously shared a couple of now-deleted photos and videos of her getting intimate with the musician, claimed that Diddy "stomped" her numerous times in addition to "mentally" and "emotionally" abusing her.

"He would always compare me to Cassie and tell me that I'm the bad one, she's a good one," she said. As if that was not enough, Virginia added that Diddy forced her to terminate two pregnancies. "The first time was October 2014. Well I told him and he was like 'you're getting an abortion right?' Then, I was like I don't know yet. Then, he offered me $50,000 to get rid of it but I turned it down because I just loved him. I wanted to… I was like trying to prove that. I wasn't the girl that wanted him for money. I just cared about him. I just wanted him to be nice to me that's it," she said.

Virginia also accused Diddy of physically abusing her due to jealousy after seeing her being warm towards Meek Mill. "[Puff] did this when King Los was sitting in the back. And, when we got to the hotel it got even worse. He took one of my heels and tried to throw it at me," she shared. "He like mushed my face like really hard and made my nose bleed. Every time me and Puff got into like fights like that, the only person that ever helped me was D-Roc. Everyone else allowed it to happen and look the other way."

That wasn't the only time she was assaulted by the rapper. Another incident was when Diddy allegedly stood on top and "stomped" on her stomach really hard. "He then grabbed my hair from the back and punched me in my head because he was just avoiding my face when he was hitting me," she said.

Also during the interview, Virginia claimed that Diddy and Steve Harvey's daughter Lori Harvey are dating. She said she witnessed the alleged pair together at Super Bowl parties last February. "We were in Atlanta for Super Bowl . . . we were staying at this house that he rented out. We were having parties the whole weekend and [Lori Harvey] came over," she revealed.

Early in June, Virginia posted on Instagram a series of videos and a photo of Diddy snuggling up to her. In one of the clips, Diddy was seen putting his tongue out before his alleged new girlfriend kissed him. She quickly deleted the lovey-dovey posts, saying that she only uploaded them "out of spite."

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