Lil Xan Under Police Investigation for Possible Assault With Deadly Weapon

The 'Betrayed' rapper is facing potential assault charge after an argument with a Tupac Shakur fan at a gas station where he pulled out a gun and pointed it at the other man.

AceShowbiz - Lil Xan is being investigated over an incident with a Tupac Shakur fan that happened last week. The 22-year-old was reported to police for pulling a gun at the other man during an argument at a gas station in Los Angeles on Friday, June 7.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ that LAPD's elite Robbery-Homicide Division has taken over the investigation and looking at it as a possible case of assault with a deadly weapon. The "Betrayal" hitmaker is facing serious felony charge that carries a max sentence of 4 years.

Police are reportedly looking to obtain surveillance videos from nearby businesses and high-rise residential buildings to gain more information about the incident. Detectives also want to speak to Xan to get his side of the story, before presenting their case to the D.A.'s Office.

In a video previously shared by the site, Xan's Mercedes-Benz SUV pulled up a 7-Eleven petrol station in L.A. when the Tupac fan confronted Xan for the comment he made about the late star in an interview last year. He referred to Tupac's music as "boring" at the time.

The Tupac fan could be heard calling Xan "b***h" while the latter hurled racial slurs. As their argument escalated, the star, whose real name is Nicholas Diego Leanos, pulled out a handgun multiple times and pointed it at the man.

"Look at this guy pulling a gun, right now. Pull that s**t out again, homie," the man said in the video. Xan's girlfriend Annie Smith who was with him in the car defended her boyfriend as saying, "You started it, you dumb f**k!" The pair then got into the car and drove off.

While Xan never pulled the trigger, the Tupac fan filed a police report regarding the incident.

Defending himself, the Redlands-born rapper claimed he had only acted in self defense. "The media is gonna try and twist what just happened at a gas station, I was about to be attacked and resorted to having to use self defense, f**k all you old head a** b***hes still talking about that 2pac s**t live your own life and stop picking on a kid," he wrote on Instagram Stories.

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