Alex Rodriguez Laughs Off Viral Toilet Photo With Blinds Investment Joke

During an appearance on Fox5's 'Good Day New York', the former New York Yankees player reveals he has no plans to take legal action over the invasive photo, but confirms an investigation is still underway.

AceShowbiz - Alex Rodriguez has laughed off the invasion of privacy that saw a photo of the star sitting on the toilet go viral.

Last month, Alex was snapped scrolling through his mobile phone whilst sat on the toilet, in a photo that was taken through the window of the bathroom in his New York City apartment. The photo was circulated on the Internet, and the former New York Yankees player has now addressed the incident during an appearance on Fox5's "Good Day New York".

As well as revealing he has no plans to take legal action over the invasion of his privacy, the 43-year-old, who is engaged to Jennifer Lopez, joked he now plans to invest in some window cover-ups.

"I'm certainly not suing," the star told the hosts. "The one thing is, I actually do my best thinking there! I wasn't ready for the picture. It is what it is."

"I have to invest in some good blinds, and I think I am!" the former baseball player added.

When asked if he had any idea who snapped the picture, Alex admitted he didn’t know yet, but confirmed an investigation was underway.

"We are still doing an investigation because you don't want the next person for that to happen," he shared. "It's really a weird thing."

While he made light of the situation, however, the concerned star was thankful that he was the target and not his children - daughters Natasha and Ella - fiancee Jennifer, or her twins Max and Emme.

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