Smith plays an elite assassin, who is targeted and pursued by a mysterious young operative who seems to know his every move before they learn of their complicated relation.

AceShowbiz - Paramount Pictures has released the first trailer for "Gemini Man" from visionary director Ang Lee. Starring Will Smith in double roles, the movie follows Smith's Henry Brogen, an elite assassin, who is suddenly targeted and pursued by a mysterious young operative that seemingly can predict his every move.

Now aging and a concerned father, he finds out that his enemy is none other than a younger version of himself. "Twenty-five years ago, they made you from me!" the older Henry tells his younger self after their baffling encounter.

The younger Henry is cloned from the aging assassin, seemingly expected to be a more powerful weapon without having suffered from "his pain." He is sent to kill the older Henry by the very agency that employs both men.

"They chose me because there's never been anybody like me. We have to end this right now!" the older Henry tells his junior. The younger version of Henry is also having a moral conflict as he angrily says to his boss, "You made a person out of another person? Then you sent me to kill him? You made a choice to do this to me!"

"Gemini Man" used complex digital effects to de-age its 50-year-old star by nearly three decades. "Thanks to incredible new digital technology, not only can we finally see both younger and older Will Smith embodied together on screen, but we can also experience the story in a deeply immersive way," Lee said of the film via a press statement.

Smith revealed that the "physical challenges of making this film have been the most demanding of my career." He previously said in a pre-recorded message at April's CinemaCon, "I'm 50 years old now, and I don't know that I would have had the experience to play a 23-year-old me [earlier in my career.]"

While Smith admitted he's not as physically fit as he was in his 20s, Lee still raved about the actor, "If you're a director and you get to work with Will Smith, you should consider yourself lucky - and thanks to new technology, I get two."

Also starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Clive Owen and Benedict Wong, "Gemini Man" is set to bow in the U.S. on October 11.

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