Ellie Goulding Gets Tight-Lipped About Surprise Performers for Her Wedding

During a candid chat on the 'Capital Breakfast' radio show, the 'Love Me Like You Do' singer also reveals that she will be moving back to the U.K. permanently with fiance Caspar Jopling.

AceShowbiz - Ellie Goulding has lined up a selection of "surprise" special guests to perform at her wedding, but is keeping tight-lipped about who the mystery acts are.

The "Love Me Like You Do" songstress announced her engagement to art dealer Caspar Jopling last year (2018), and she revealed during a candid chat on the U.K.'s "Capital Breakfast" radio show on Friday, April 12 that plans are already underway for the big day.

"I have got some people singing at the wedding but I can't say because I want it to be a surprise, mainly for my mum," that star confessed. "I've (performed at) quite a few of my friends' weddings just because I genuinely enjoy it. I think people forget that I do just enjoy singing."

Ellie went on to say that she is taking the lead when it comes to wedding preparations while Caspar, 27, has stayed at home in New York.

Adding that she "can't wait to move back" to the U.K. permanently with her fiance, leaving "hectic" New York behind, the 32-year-old continued: "We have a place in New York but we're moving back here permanently, so that's exciting. So it means that I'll be here full time and not in New York."

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