Jessica Simpson Accused of Mom-Shaming for Celebrating Full Bottle of Breast Milk
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The 'I Wanna Love You Forever' songstress gets love and hate after showing off a 5-ounce bottle full of pumped breast milk and bragging, 'This is what success feels like.'

AceShowbiz - Jessica Simpson continues to document her journey as a mother of three after welcoming daughter Birdie Mae. Getting real about the challenge in motherhood, the pop star-turned-fashion designer recently took to Instagram to celebrate her small victory to collect breast milk.

Several days ago, the 38-year-old mom posted a photo of a 5-ounce bottle full of pumped breast milk as a result of her pumping efforts. She went on bragging in the caption, "This is what success feels like," adding a cow emoji.

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This is what success feels like 🐄

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Her post soon drew mixed responses from her followers. Some of her celebrity friends congratulated her for the "success," as Hilary Duff, who welcomed daughter Banks five months ago, wrote, "dang girl! Get itttt."

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, who is currently expecting her third child, chimed in as commenting, "the best!" Melissa Joan Hart called the breast milk "Liquid gold!", while Kris Jenner liked the image.

Jessica's post, however, also sparked debate among those who claimed that the former "Newlyweds" star shamed other moms who are unable to breastfeed. "Breastfeeding is great but for all the moms out there that can't breastfeed or simply are 'done' due to choice, formula is also the best you can do for your child," one wrote in the comment section.

Another weighed in, "What a great way to make others who can't [breastfeed] feel like failures. Think before you post...." Someone else shared, "I think success is your baby being fed no matter how you do it. The measure of success is not how much you can breastfeed, or if you can at all, just love your babies. To all the mothers reading this and struggling with breastfeeding, don't get discouraged! It doesn't work out for everyone."

Some others, however, defended Jessica for sharing the breast milk photo and said that the star should not feel guilty for celebrating it. "No one was or is formula shaming. No one," someone pointed out. Another added, "It's unbelievable how many of you women are shaming her for feeding her kid. She's not formula bashing or anything close to it. Pumping is HARD. It's her personal victory and she's allowed to be proud of it."

"I don't understand why every time someone posts their milk or about breastfeeding people always mention their stories about how they couldn't," someone else wrote. "This post isn't about you and there is a thing called donor milk if you want to use breastmilk. Stop making people feel bad for breastfeeding, it's weird."

"Yes, mama! And don't let anyone rain on your parade, you should be proud, and that is a successful pump. You're not putting anyone down by saying that, even if others now try to put you down for it," read another comment.

Jessica welcomed her third child with Eric Johnson (II) on March 19. The baby girl joins big sister Maxwell Drew, 6, and brother Ace Knute, 5.

She recently opened up about the struggle to take care of her newborn baby while recovering from C-section. "Recovering from a C-section is no joke," she wrote on Instagram, thanking her two elder kids for helping her. "I'm feeling thankful for these two older siblings looking over their new baby sister."

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