Emilio Estevez Reveals He Is About to Be First-Time Grandfather
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During an appearance on 'Live with Kelly and Ryan', 'The Breakfast Club' star reveals that his son, Taylor Estevez, is expecting his first child which arrival could be on the same day as Taylor's birthday.

AceShowbiz - Actor Emilio Estevez is set to become a grandfather for the first time.

"The Breakfast Club" star's son, Taylor Estevez, is preparing to welcome his first child with his wife, and the baby could very well share the same birthday as the 34-year-old stunt co-ordinator.

"My son and his wife, they're due in June and in fact the delivery date that they're talking about is the same date as my son's birthday, which is June 22nd," Emilio shared on U.S. morning show "Live with Kelly & Ryan".

"It'll be my first grandchild, so it'll be pretty cool."

However, Charlie Sheen's brother has made it very clear he won't be offering to help with diaper duty.

Swearing off the dirty task, he laughed, "I do not want to look into the inside of a diaper. That's just not in my future!".

Taylor is the actor's eldest child with his ex, model Carey Salley, who is also the mother of his musician daughter Paloma.

Emilio recruited both of his kids to work on his new movie, "The Public", which the 56-year-old wrote and directed - and starred in.

Taylor used his professional experience as a stuntman to stand in for his dad during one violent scene, and Emilio is glad he didn't have to take the hit.

"There's a scene in the film where I get attacked, and so my son was the stunt double for me...," he said, "and if you take a quick look at that (scene), there's no padding on the floor, so there's the old saying, 'Better him than me', and of course, he was limping around for a couple days!".

Taylor's sister also contributed to her filmmaker father's latest project by performing on the soundtrack.

"She is a percussionist," Emilio explained. "She's a bada** rock and roll drummer, and she's in three different bands... She's rad."

"The Public", about a group of vagrants who take over a local library during a winter storm, opened in U.S. theatres on Friday, April 05.

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