Four-year-old Sebastian, who recently fell ill with a virus, has bounced back, as his 1-year-old brother Francisco, who was hospitalized two weeks ago, is also doing okay.

AceShowbiz - Actor Lin-Manuel Miranda's two sons are on the road to recovery after suffering health scares last month (March 2019).

The "Mary Poppins Returns" star took to Twitter on Tuesday, April 02, to update fans on his family developments, revealing his youngest son, one-year-old Francisco, was hospitalised in Puerto Rico two weeks ago.

The parenting nightmare only got worse for Lin-Manuel and his wife, Vanessa Nadal, as their four-year-old Sebastian then fell ill with a virus too.

"Real Talk: Been on & off Twitter the past couple of weeks because the kids have been sick..," he shared. "Everything's been upside down."

However, the 39-year-old insisted things are now looking up as the boys are doing much better.

"Everyone is okay," Lin-Manuel added. "We are just emerging from the woods now."

He went on to explain why he felt the need to give fans an insight into his personal life as a working father-of-two.

Lin-Manuel also revealed little Sebastian has bounced back from the virus by coming up with his own language.

"In other news: My son has invented a language called Chalkboard," he shared. "I'm still trying to learn it, but the word for Daddy, I'm told, is... CHACKA TAMALITA."

He then posted a sweet audio clip of his boy singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" in the invented lingo.

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