'Married at First Sight' Recap: Some Couples Consider Divorce Ahead of Decision Day

Kristine and Keith are having a peaceful marriage life, but things become uncertain as the decision day is fast approaching.

AceShowbiz - The Tuesday, March 26 episode of "Married at First Sight" season 8 featured the four couples contemplating what to do as it was only a week before decision day arrived. Some of them seemingly had decided to call it quits with their respective partners, while others still had no idea what to do.

Stephanie was convinced to get a divorce as AJ's bad temper was constantly getting on her nerves. "AJ's frustrations can sometimes get overwhelming," she said. "I worry about what troubles may come in the future."

She tried to talk it out to AJ, but instead of listening to her, he was busy trying to steal food off of her plate while she was talking. "I see it and, of course, it's not anything that I want to see again," Stephanie told her husband. "Unfortunately, you can't always put on your best self."

Kristine and Keith were having a peaceful marriage life, but things became uncertain as the decision day was fast approaching. "There [are] so many things I like about him, but there [are] also a lot of things that really annoy me," Kristine admitted.

As for Keith, he knew for sure that he was falling in love with Kristine. He realized that he needed to put it to action before he lost her. "I feel like I'm married to the person I'm supposed to be with," he said. "I need to step up to the plate and tell her how I feel before I lose her."

Meanwhile, Kate was in dilemma following the mini-moon disaster. She seemed to be ready for a divorce but she knew a part of her still wanted to be with Luke. She turned to some friends, asking for some advice about her marriage. Her friends apparently thought they she should get a divorce.

"I realize I'm not myself (with Luke)," Kate said. "My heart is saying look out for yourself, so that's what I'm trying to do even though I want to be married more than anything. ... I'm leaning towards a divorce."

When she brought it up with Luke, he was unusually quiet. That wasn't very helpful for Kate as she tried to make a decision. Kate seemingly was seriously conflicted as she kept making statements about getting a divorce and staying with Luke.

"I do think there's something special about him that just keeps bringing me back to a place where I want to stay together," she shared. "It would be a great amazing love story if we were able to be together forever."

When it comes to being indecisive, Kate is not alone. Jasmine revealed that she had no idea what to do when the decision day arrived. "I am starting to learn that Will is leaning to stay together and that makes me feel a little bit scared," she said. "I'll be disappointed if it's over because I do like Will, but I'm not sure if we are a match in the long term."

"I need some space so that I can make a decision for tomorrow," she added.

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