Doctors Weigh In on 'Alaskan Bush People' Star Ami Brown's Fake Cancer Rumors
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While the matriarch of the Brown family receives a lot of supportive messages after she declares she's now cancer-free, some are accusing her of faking her cancer diagnosis for TV show.

AceShowbiz - In 2017, "Alaskan Bush People" star Ami Brown revealed that she had been diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer. While she received a lot of supportive messages, some were accusing her of faking her cancer diagnosis for TV show, prompting her doctors at UCLA Medical Center to break their silence.

Talking to PEOPLE in a joint statement, Ami's doctors weighed in on the rumors swirling around the TV star. "Amora Brown was diagnosed with Stage III non-small cell lung cancer in April 2017. Treatment for her cancer included a four-month course of chemotherapy with radiation," read the statement on Friday, March 1.

"Her disease responded well to the treatment, and, according to her UCLA oncologist Dr. Deborah Wong, she is now in remission. Although her most recent scans show no evidence of cancer, Amora will continue to be monitored closely by her medical team over the next several months," the statement concluded.

Due to her cancer, Ami was given only 3 percent chance of survival. Later in August last year, she was declared "cancer-free" thanks to numerous chemotherapy and radiation treatments. However, people find it impossible to have her cancer-free in such short amount of time considering the disease's low survivability rate.

That prompts people to think that the Browns staged the cancer diagnosis solely to raise the viewership for their Discovery Channel series. Additionally, "Alaskan Bush People" has been long rumored to be scripted despite describing itself as a true reality TV show.

Discovery Channel executive vice president Laurie Goldberg previously shut down the rumors surrounding the matriarch of the Brown family. "Ami's battle with cancer is very real," adding, "It is just disgusting that anyone would say her cancer is not real or that it was created for the show."

Due to her cancel battle which required Ami to get checkups frequently, the family left their rural home and lived in a 435-acre property in the North Cascade Mountains of Washington State. The family is loving the new home, with Ami's husband Billy saying, "This is what we always wanted but just couldn't have up north." Ami chimmed, "The Lord tells us if a man's quiver is full, he is highly blessed. And we're very blessed."

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