Roger Mathews Begs for Truce With JWoww After Accusing Her of Domestic Violence
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'We look like a**holes to the world,' Roger says in a since-deleted letter, asking his estranged wife to stop fighting for the sake of their children.

AceShowbiz - It appears Roger Mathews has had enough of letting his divorce drama with Jenni "JWoww" Farley become public's consumption. Responding to her estranged wife's new claims, Roger once again denied the allegations leveled against him as well as asked her to stop the back and forth for the sake of their children.

In a since-deleted letter he posted on his website, Roger refuted claims he was a "women beater" and alleged that JWoww actually had put her hands on him too. "You edited out your actions and violent behavior prior to me pushing you which I knew you would do," he said. "I wonder why in the eight years together you never once, not once said to me or ANYONE for that matter that I was physically abusive with you in any way."

"You have punched me in the face you have always been the aggressor... You are always the aggressor," he added, apologizing for his action. "I want to say right here, and right now that did not give me the right to push you, and for that I am sorry, and I apologized at the time too."

He went on dismissing the "Jersey Shore" star's other claims, including that he fed their son Greyson pizza when the boy was "highly allergic" to dairy and gluten. He admitted he made mistakes for filming himself driving when their children was in the car, though. However, Roger then accused her of being hypocritical. "It's hypocritical of you however cause you are on the phone constantly while driving and doing your makeup and texting," he said.

Roger later claimed that JWoww only made the allegation after she rejected his request for equal custody of the children. "That's when you decided to write your rant that you posted for the world to see and painted me as a monster and an abuser," he said.

"You are not the person you claim to be. You're a master manipulator who must be stopped. I worry for my kids in your care. I do. You need help," he added.

Despite the allegations, Roger confessed that he didn't hate JWoww one bit and even begged her for a truce. "Let's stop the madness. Let's stop the anger. Let's stop the lies. Let's work together for our children," he wrote. "We look like a**holes to the world. We are. We are both a**holes."

Concluding his post, Roger said, "I want you to be happy and I deserve to be happy as well. Happy parents make for happy kids. We owe them this. I be willing to give you a hug at the end of the day today as a truce offering."

Roger doubled down on his offer in an Instagram post, sharing a screencap of a note which read, "Peace. Let it begin here. For two amazing children. They deserve it. Please."

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