George Clooney and Wife Consider Adopting Baby Girl?

The 'Money Monster' star and Amal Clooney have reportedly been talking about expanding their family through adoption even before they got married.

AceShowbiz - Actor/director George Clooney and his humanitarian lawyer wife Amal are reportedly considering expanding their family - by adopting.

The power couple, who married in 2014, are already parents to 19-month-old twins Ella and Alexander, and have reportedly set their hearts on opening their home to a child in need.

"George and Amal want to adopt a baby girl," an insider tells Heat magazine. "It's been something they've been talking about for a long time - since before they got married - and now they have decided to go for it, and they couldn't be happier."

According to the source, Amal is keen to add one more child to complete their family and she "has set her heart on having another daughter."

However, as well as humanitarian reasons, there is a practical one for wanting to adopt this time round.

"Amal had kids relatively late in life, which is why they've decided to adopt," claimed the source. "She and George have also both done a lot of humanitarian work and it means a lot to them to give a good home to a child in need."

It's not the first time the couple has shown its generosity of spirit. The "Ocean's 8" star revealed in a 2017 interview that he and Amal took in a Yazidi refugee from Iraq who is now a student at the University of Chicago.

"He was on this bus to Mosul, and ISIS shot the two bus drivers and said, 'Anybody who wants to go to college, we will shoot them,' " George told The Hollywood Reporter. "He survived and came to America. He got through all the checks, and once he got through those, it was like, 'Listen, we got your back. You want to get an education? You want to move your life forward? This is something that we can do.' "

The refugee now lives in a house owned by the actor-director in Augusta, Kentucky.

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