Noah Centineo Deletes Logan Paul Support Tweet Following Backlash

Meanwhile, there are fans who have defended the 'To All the Boys I've Loved Before' star by pointing out that he doesn't explicitly condone any of the YouTube star's past actions.

AceShowbiz - Noah Centineo may be the internet's boyfriend, but that doesn't mean fans will let him get away when he openly shows support for controversial stars. The "To All the Boys I've Loved Before" star faced backlash after he tweeted support to YouTube personality Logan Paul, who is no stranger to controversy.

It all started after Noah quote-tweeted Logan's message which read, "2018, you son of a b***h. What a year. So many lessons learned, so much GROWTH as a human being, I GUARANTEE this will be the most important year of my life... I could go on and on. Point is, we did it. Chapter closed. Dear 2019... Let's get this fkn bread."

In response to the tweet, the "Sierra Burgess Is a Loser" star gave words of encouragement and described the troubled star as a "beautiful man." He said, "It's not just overcoming adversity, it's about overcoming yourself in the face of adversity. We can all learn a lot from this growth."

The "adversity" Noah was referring to likely included the backlash that Logan got for posting a video that showed the body of a man who had reportedly died by suicide. He was also recently under fire for revealing his plan to "go gay" for a month, with many accusing him of mocking the LGBTQ community by doing that.

People were obviously not having Noah's words of support. "noah centineo is defending logan paul I have to scream b***h tf is he doing," one user wrote as another called him "trash" for supporting the brother of Jake Paul. "noah centineo damn well KNOWS how awful logan is yet still chose to openly support him."

"Noah Centineo tweets a lot of cringey s**t but I just go with it bc I am weak but him praising Logan Paul... No. Absolutely not," one other said. On the other hand, one individual said, "noah centineo supporting logan paul...... I WAS ROOTING FOR YOU. naaah sweetie this ain't it."

Noah has since deleted the tweet following the backlash, though there are fans who defended him by pointing out that the star didn't explicitly condone any of Logan's past actions. "y'all need to leave noah centineo alone lmfao. he didn't justify any of logan's past or present actions, literally all he's trying to do is see the good in someone and y'all flip your s**t. Stop getting so offended by everything," one said.

One other similarly said, "Noah clearly was not agreeing with Logan's past deeds that tweet was in reference only to him claiming to have learnt his lessons and trying to move on and grow! I don't agree with Noah's onion but there's no need to rip him apart for having a different one from ours."

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