After the 'Suddenly Susan' actress attacked his social media post of Sleeping Giants, the 'Avengers: Infinity War' fires back by reminding her that he doesn't 'friend' over one conversation.

AceShowbiz - Don Cheadle and Kathy Griffin have gone to war on social media after the comedienne attacked the Oscar winner for turning on her during her 2017 "smear campaign".

Celebrities took sides after Griffin posted a video of herself holding a replica of U.S. leader Donald Trump's bloody head online, and the "Hotel Rwanda" star took to Twitter to attack her for the ill-advised footage, which briefly made her a person of interest for U.S. security officials.

And after Don posted a photo of himself wearing a hat supporting the anti-bigotry and sexism campaign Sleeping Giants, Griffin took to Twitter to slam him.

"Oh GREAT Don. I will never forgive you for your nasty tweet the day my smear campaign started," she wrote. "You know it was a f**king smear campaign and you have never taken a moment to apologize. Some liberal you are. Yes, my memory is long my ex friend. Shame on you. I kept a list. Fear me."

Cheadle replied, "Huh?" prompting kathy to add, "Huh? You're a d**k in real life, but believe it or not I truly hope what I went through never happens to you. Never. And if it did I would be the first in line to stand up for you, get my a** on television and do everything I could to defend you & the 1st amendment. It's easy don."

Still confused, the actor responded: "sigh... ok, kathy. 1) we had one conversation on a flight about our mutual disgust for individual (Trump) 1. i don't 'friend' that quickly so we can't really be 'exes'. 2) had i been your 'friend' and you had asked my opinion, i would have said, "kathy. for you own sake, please do NOT depict yourself holding the bloody, severed head of the president, evoking daesh (terrorist group ISIS), (beheaded journalist) daniel pearl and every other painful, disturbing memory associated with it, your first amendment rights notwithstanding." and had you said, 'fkkk you, i'm doing it anyway,' i would've said, 'wellgirl, be prepared to have the dogs sicced on you. the secret service doesn't play around with s**t like that no matter WHO the president is."

"you're also risking your career for what i see as zero upside... maybe you would have listened. doubt it."

Cheadle went on to call Griffin's online post "a cringe worthy photo-op", adding: "i'm sorry that you're still dealing with the aftershocks of your actions. it's egregious."

He also responded directly to the comedienne's "don's a d**k because he didn't go on tv to champion me" tweet, urging Griffin to speak to him privately, stating: "you wanna rap offline, you know how that works."

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